About the Easy Pin
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As a mother of boys who regularly attended school dances in high school, I became aware of what a challenge these young men faced when their dates presented them with their boutonnieres. The expression on the young couple faces when the boutonniere came out of the box was always "now what."

Of course the florist thought they made it easy for them by attaching the famous and ever popular straight pins, otherwise known as "boutonniere pins." Anyone who has ever tried to pin on a boutonniere or a corsage with a straight pin definitely knows all the problems and frustrations that come along with them.

A typical boutonniere or corsage is wrapped with floral tape. Under all that floral tape are wires, stems etc. To find a way to go through all that and stabilize the flower, is quite the challenge. Of course another method is to simply stick the flowers or any greenery and hope for the best.

One evening after my youngest son left for his dance and I sat down at my kitchen table of course very frustrated with whole pinning event and designed the Easy Pin. I felt that we needed to come out of the stone age and move on to better things.

The Easy Pin will make boutonnieres and corsages easier to pin, no more horror of broken pearl heads stabbing your fingers. It's truly the only way to go. When ordering flowers for your special occasion make sure you demand that your boutonnieres or pin up corsages have the Easy Pin.